Jes (22) is an emerging queer writer, #loveOzYA reader, blogger and life-long fangirl. She is currently Admin for Voiceworks Magazine (@VoiceworksMag) and can be found drinking tea, probably in her pajamas. Try as she might, she is unable to keep her house plants alive for very long. Naming them only makes the loss worse. Send your condolence GIFs to @JesonthePage

Her short story Airport Pick-up was published in Others: an Anthology of Creative Writing (2015).



When she’s not writing, Jes is reading, watching and listening to a variety of different podcasts, comic books, novels, TV shows and films. She is a fan of many things and has been a fanfiction author for more than a decade. Currently, she writes and reviews fanfiction for the CW cult TV show Supernatural as a way to indulge with other fans, writing free of the pressures of editing and publishing conventions. She writes under a pseudonym.